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Saturday Evening Post

I was reading through this blog and noticed that there were somethings that I'd forgotten. It's amazing how time changes things without your even noticing at times.

Returning to the World of Self Employment

It has been a couple of years since I dealt with the rigors of self employment, and it is not an easy transition to make when I had been planning on returning to the traditional work force for various reasons. Take a journey through the process of re-learning how to be my own boss with me.

Working it out

I was attempting to figure out yet another crisis when I determined the entire thing was basically in my head. The idea of being able to work from home again was one I had all but given up on until I determined that it was and is the only way to ensure that I achieve everything I need to achieve in a given day. I found help to renter this world from a friend.

52 Week Challenge: Contribution

It's week five, and the topic is contribution. I'm wondering where I should go with this. Charitable contributions? Social? Or perhaps the contributions to aiding in keeping our mental health and well being in check. I'm not sure how much I would be contributing on a daily basis, but there are those who make regular contributions they don't realize.

52 Week Challenge: A favorite......pastime

I know, I know it's not among the options but right now it's what I feel like. So let's see if some pictures can give a clue to what my favorite past times might be.

Hello October

October is here meaning Halloween, then Thanksgiving and finally Christmas must all be budgeted and accounted for. This is going to be a neat trick this year. Let's examine the current state of "fun" expenses.