Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Monday Monday

While, it is a holiday though it will not be entirely. We have a check-up and speech for the kiddo. That'll keep her from going stir crazy, we took a field trip to the laundry and a couple of stores Saturday. She nearly broke me between the cookies, video games, and toys from the irritation machine. Oh well, she earned them.

A little research after her dad came home and told me his phone was broken led to a change that eliminates the equivalent of a single cell phone bill each month. My cell phone in the meantime, as I find an alternative carrier I can live with would be pay by the minute at 15 cents per text and 20 cent per minute for calls. The amount of calling and texting I do would be rather limited at the moment, in an effort to spend less than $22 per month (with taxes) and ideally less than $11 a month (tax included) as I decide on a new carrier, which will of course involve the purchase of a new phone. I would be knitpicking or rather examining various phones and carrier options to see what my needs would be.

It's not much but it'll sure help. Especially as we continue through the nickel and diming that is school. Last Thursday I found out that the next day the kid was going to be able to go see a movie and get popcorn. Cost: $2, I let her spend her Christmas money on it. She had fun, these little outings are important to her. They make her feel like just another kid.

So far her school year is nickel and dime, through the year they have little fund raisers that are to help purchase new playground equipment; some of the existing equipment is broken and keeping the children off of it is difficult. My child while she can read will not typically tell me if she would like to participate in the fund raiser which include things such as the ability to go against the dress code and wear blue jeans or hats for a small fee.

Well, it's time to go. Anyone want to recommend a phone company? Preferabbly one without a contract, flexible plans and roll over minutes.

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