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B is for Books

Books, books books! I love books, and my kids love books! 

A minute to brag, both my children learned to read by the age of three! The youngest learned to read before she learned to talk, that's how we got her to talk. She had a severe speech delay, and then she was a little parrot 

Now twice a week I go to the school to read with my youngest daughter and one other child from her kindergarten class. We then go let them take a test on the book that we read that day. I read to them, and they read to me. The child with her typically models how to ask for help, and how to slow down so someone can understand you.

We have hardback, paperback, and digital books. We love books. The kiddo goes to bed with books, several that she prefers to read out loud to herself and her stuffed animals. Books are amazing things that feed the imagination and inspire learning. 

Surround children with books, make them fun. Read with them, ask them questions and let them tell you the story without the book. History, science, fairy tales. All of these are found in books, let your child enjoy them. Don't forget to enjoy them yourself.

When is the last time you took the time to read a book?


Unknown said…
Coincidentally, I've just been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my son, and just read the Oompa Loompa song which demands that parents throw out the TV and replace it with a bookcase.
Unknown said…
Stopping in on the A to Z Challenge Tour! The best way to ensure your child does well in school is to read to her/him at a young age, which will put them on the road to reading themselves.

One interesting early reading-to-my-kids memory I have is a sturdy board book with pictures of food on every page and the word(s) for the food. My older daughter always would "pick up" the food from the picture and eat it with a "Nom" sound. Then my younger son would do the same.

Well, one day the chocolate cake picture came up and my son "grabbed" the cake first. Oh, you should have seen how angry Big Sister got that she'd been skunked out of the first bite of that virtual cake! Yep, even if it's only a picture of a cake, even if you could eat as many virtual bites as you could imagine, somehow getting the second "Nom" of cake was nowhere as good!

I read lots of books, although I'm reading them more on the e-reader now. Does that count?
Red said…
All of mine read early. My one which does not speak still, reads. Books are my way of life. I have read more than two dozen already this year. And no, I am not counting the ones I wrote. IJS
Jagoda said…
I love books too. Can't remember a time when I didn't. I was one of these kids who wanted books for gifts rather than dolls.
Unknown said…
I'll have to find a copy, I haven't seen that movie in years. I'd love to read the book.
Unknown said…
Oh my youngest loves to "eat" the food in books. Yes, e-readers count.
Unknown said…
It is easy to imagine you with your head in a book. xxx
Unknown said…
I'm one of those parents that prefers to give books instead of dolls.

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