Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quarters

We recently moved into an apartment complex with an on-site laundry. Quarters are the one thing that I will be making sure that I have enough of so that we don't get stuck in a tight spot with nothing to wear. I am hoping to keep the laundry budget at a maximum of $10 a month by not using the dryer. Though I'm sure there are times when I will have to use it if the weather is overcast and we have to have clean blankets and sheets at the same time.

I still have not purchased any so we are working with a single set. That means the days that those are washed they will have to go in the dryer so I might as well dry the entire load. I don't care for dryers but if I am going to spend the seventy-five cents I might as well dry everything that I wash that day. It's a $1 to wash so I will making sure that the loads are completely full. It's time to buy the baby some more clothes anyway so we'll have full loads.

She is outgrowing some of the clothes she has and a couple need mending so I have to be very careful not to put them in the dryer. I have to remember to wash them inside out or the laundry bill will include replacement of items that could have lasted a little longer. I will be making it a point to use cash for purchases instead of my debit card so that I can get change back. It will also help me to keep better track of spending.

I intend to purchase a ledger book so that I am writing down my expenses including laundry. Having everything in front of me will ensure that I keep track of everything and put my quarters in a different place from my other change. Quarters are now an important part of life, and it's not simply ensuring that I keep some in the truck in the event that I need air in the tires. I have to have them for both laundry and air in the tires. Now life is partially revolving around quarters.  
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