Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Value

Value is placed on everything from money to people. It is sad that the items under valued the most are usually the ones with the most value. The items in question do not have to cost a dime to be more valuable than anything else, in fact they do not even have to be tangible. 

Friendship, caring and trust are all valuable assets. Unfortunately they are taken for granted more often then anyone would care to admit. Taking those that would do anything for you without question for granted can cause you to lose them. Can you afford to lose them? It is likely that you cannot. The number of people that truly care can sometimes be slim meaning that you should value those that are genuine in their affections for you.

The amount of people that would take advantage of you is higher than you might care to admit but sadly enough it is true. Value is more than what you can buy or sell something for; it is what you end up with when you least expect to end up with anything at all. 

The true value is found beneath the surface when you peel away the layers to discover what is underneath. 
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