Monday, January 12, 2015

Figuring Out Walks to the Store

We have taken to walking to the store, and it lead me to realize that I have neglected my wardrobe long enough. The baby's wardrobe is due for an update as well. This is not the only consideration that we need to continue our walks into town.

Weather considerations

We have to check the weather in advance in order to be prepared for the walk. It cannot be extremely hot or extremely cold, rainy or have the potential to freeze when I take the baby with me. 

She has gloves, I need to get a new pair. I have a scarf, if she will wear one I would like for her to. We both need ear muffs for the cold weather, and I would need long sleeves as I own very few of them.

The baby has thin pants to put under her sweat pants, I need both of these items. 

Carrying Purchases and the Baby

I need something to carry both purchases and the baby in case she gets to tired to walk. I have considered a cart to take to the store but it will not hold the baby so I can push her across the highway to go to some place other than Wal-mart or Wendy's. 

She won't fit in a stroller, but I am sure there is something to push her in and put my purchases in and bring them home without having to tote the bags. 

Health Advantage

I feel a little better when we get back from our walks. I need to purchase a scale so I can see if it is helping my weight. I intend to lose fifty pounds this year, and I do believe keeping up with these walks will help me in my efforts. 

Would you choose to walk to the places you need to go in the name of health? Would you do it with a small child just to get out of the house with them if you had the choice? 
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