Thursday, December 30, 2010

I can almost see

Well, $80 something dollars later I can almost see. I finally got the frames for my glasses replaced. I was a bit irritated when I realized that if I'd had the time to call and check when they were first broken they would have still been under warranty and replaced for free. Oh well, that's life. My next eye exam is due in March of 2011 and these frames are under a year warranty. I wonder what the chances are that they'll be able to make new lens so I don't have to buy frames again?

I think that I've got about $160 left to get gas and supplements without my pay figured into the equation. I'm gonna have to request the $25 from Sidetick and figure out something else for my tires and savings account. We have an auto loan to pay back this month. I think the New Year is gonna get off to a bumpy start but we'll manage. I think the new stain remover I bought this morning works well. My clothes smell great even with just a couple spots treated.

I left my glasses case there when I went to replace the frames. I sent hubby to get it and they gave him a new case for me because mine wouldn't close right. At least this pair will be safe. The damage to my eyes from wearing the wrong prescription may take a bit of time to correct. I can see the television from where I'm sitting though which is a plus for me! OK I'll be going for now.
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