Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursdays Nonesense Ramblings

OK an hour well, closer to two hours in a therapist office to schedule three more appointments by the end of the visit. I just love having to fill out all the forms and go through the testing process all over again. I'm exhausted, I was looking forward to having two weeks off. My mistake for looking forward to it.

Oh well, I can get more work done by not getting into vacation mode. I have a few editorials in my head that I need to write. I also have some things that I'd love to learn about. I've got dishes to do but I don't feel like doing them. I'm hoping my clothing is done washing before we have to leave so it doesn't sour. I don't want to have to rewash them.

I'm going to be tired and ill by the time we get home today. I've done my updating on Theresa's day at Writing, Kids, and Marriage already. I think I'll update the Working and Saving tonight, or as soon as I manage to redo my budget. I've only got an hour before we have to leave.

Since we've only got an hour I'm going to try and read my book for a few minutes. I've got three articles I want to write so I think that I'll just rest my mind to let the articles come in. Wow, I'm really off today.
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