Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a day at home

OK note to self do not take a test when the baby is awake. Wait until she goes to school next time. I should have passed but I didn't. Now I have to wait three months to do it again. Oh well such is life.

We don't have school today, the cancellations began yesterday afternoon. The speech therapist made it into work today and we get to go in an hour and a half early so they can let her go home. It seems there may be areas with icy patches. The temperatures are supposed to be in the twenties overnights the rest of the week. Fun, fun, fun.

I have a whole $2.56 at Text Broker, I managed a couple short news articles yesterday. I've been looking for more but they keep disappearing rather quickly. I only need $10 to request payout since they have my tax form I won't have to wait once I get it. If I can do a few of the short news articles a day I'll have it in no time.

I write at a few online sites to earn my living and I'm trying to expand  to write at even more. That way if I can't find something to write at one I can use a different one. I'm trying to avoid taking on private clients. I need items that can be written rather quickly so that I know I can finish them and not stress myself out.

I'm worried about the bills at this point. I have the money to cover them but not much else. At this point I'm expecting about $50 this month. I just requested an Amazon gift card for $5 that I'll leave in the account and add more to. I'm trying to get enough to cover shipping on the items I want too. Ideally I'll be able to let them build up until I can place an order that qualifies for free shipping.

Well, I'm rambling and I want to at least sort the laundry before we leave in an hour and a half for therapy.
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