Monday, January 17, 2011

still cleaning up

I've ran scan upon scan and it appears I get to back up all my items from my computer and wipe it out completely. Then I have to reinstall the system. I'm wondering if I have a backup that'll do that for me without messing up anything too badly. I'm not even sure if my backups will work.

I'm wondering how a child that has to have everything in its place can make such a mess. I've been boxing up things to donate that don't fit the kid or us and that we don't use anymore. I have a bunch of boxes by the front door but no way to stop and unload them just yet. It's going to take a few trips when I finally get it all boxed up.

I read a chapter out of "Thinking in Pictures" today. I'm reading a couple pages a day out of "Wife No. 19" (it's a rather long book that's taking me a bit of time. I started reading my bible for the first time in years a few days ago. A few chapters a day. I'm going to review the first two books when I get through reading them. I have an article in mind for all this cleaning out that I've been doing lately.

Theresa has decided she likes "The Cat in the Hat" So I'm going to see if I can find her a few of the shows on DVD. I'm going now to open a sky something or other account and back up items to it. I'm going to delete some more files that I don't need, want and can't use again if I want to. OK I'll be back later with more annoying updates.
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