Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Well, No Three day weekend for me

It's Sunday evening and most people are either ending a relaxing weekend or smiling at the fact they have one more day left of it. I on the other hand am finishing up a weekend of doing four loads of laundry and struggling to get a few articles done. I managed to do a maybe three all weekend and write a paragraph or two on articles that I've been working on.

I've taken all but one covering off the living room windows facing the road to make it easier to open them the rest of the way when Theresa goes to bed. These lovely floor to ceiling windows open wide enough that she can easily push on the screen and fits nicely into the opening if she should decide that she wants too.

I had a look at an article I did last year sometimes on the advantages of freelance writing. I know the link takes you to the second page it's intentional.

I managed to vacuum a little just to discover that my vacuum needs a filter or a belt. It's not picking up everything that it should. OK I'm done complaining so I'll be going now.
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