Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mindless Ramblings

The ramblings today would be mindless just as the title suggests. I have a number of ideas floating around in my head, and a determination not to be dependent on private clients for meeting income needs. I am bordering on doing triple the work to write my own things such as articles and books while dong some private projects to supplement my income.

I would also be rearranging my blogging. This one is the one I like the best so the other two will be merely linked and let to die out slowly. They have served the purpose that was intended. I am getting older and really should focus more. 

I think I need to write somewhere between ten and twenty articles a day to keep on track. This is getting tiring after almost six years.......has it been six years already? The kid turns six this year, so five is more accurate. Next april will be six years. 

I have a lot of things to get out of the house. Things that have been broken, that are too small and things that we do not use. A few of them will make room for new things we need while others will not be replaced at all. The idea is to cut down to the necessities and make sure they are all taken care of before I do anything else. 

I have furniture to replace, the goal is something that is affordable and stain resistance. I require organizers, a place for everything and everything in its place. I am tired of cleaning my house to have it appear as if it hasn't been cleaned in a month less than ten minutes later. 

I would also be attempting to be less long winded. Those efforts are being done through flash fiction attempts, the links will eventually all be found under the page for them. 

Well, I'm expecting a delivery for the kiddo so I'll be going.

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