Monday, February 11, 2013

A Birthday Flood

Happy Birthday to me! I'm still a bit under the weather from the weekend, and the schools are letting out early today as a result of flooding. Not early enough for me given my road had a bad spot for flooding that the bus has to drive through to bring the baby home, but earlier than normal. I'm hoping they will drive the route backwards. I am also hoping there is no lightening when I go to get her off the bus.

The rain began last night, at first it wasn't that bad. Then the thunder started to shake things up a bit. Well, I managed to make it through the first round even laying down to ease the pain in my neck. The second round, well at about 1 a.m. I had almost dozed off just to bolt upright in bed at the sound of tornado sirens. Bolting upright in bed after spending a couple hours trying to find a position your neck does not result in anything but unbearable pain.

Well, it's getting closer to 11, so I'll be going. I have to find something to cover my head before the baby gets out of school. I do hope the bus drops her off first with this mess, but she is the last one on the route.
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