Friday, February 22, 2013


OK so I'm sick, there is some sort of flu like virus going around that I managed to develop. Maybe it's the new strain I keep hearing about, either way that means that I am foggy and falling farther behind.

When you attempt to focus work through illness without a break it can cause you to end up sicker than you started. Taking breaks, lots of breaks, allows your battery to recharge even if it is only temporary. 

You could end up turning yourself into someone less than competent even when performing tasks that you are actually good at otherwise. The errors that you do not  see will be seen by someone, and hopefully pointed out to you in a pleasant and helpful manner instead of rude and vengeful. This is the most helpful, especially when you are trying your best. 

Working or rather forgetting to work when you are ill is common. Those that have the leisure of knowing when the work day ends, have the luxury of calling in; there are times when they can even make up lost time and hours. Working from home does not allow me this luxury. I have managed to lose approximately a week to two weeks of actual working time as a result of illness and an inability to think clearly. 

The ramblings in this post make it clear that the illness is still effecting my  mind. I have taken to working in spurts, merely as long as the battery on my laptop will last, then laying down as it recharges. 

Do you work through illness? Do you go to work even when you are to tired to stand up? Are you known for letting your battery recharge even if it's only temporarily to get as much work done as you can until your battery winds completely down?

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