Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Self Imposed Deadlines

A self imposed deadline is the easiest way to get anything done. That is provided that you can in fact force yourself to do the work involved. What do you do when the house if a wreck, and you still have to earn a living?

The first thing that you do not do is listen to the busy bodies that will freely tell you what you should do without a clue to your reality. You know who they are, they live life with the assumption that everyone has the same income levels they do, and that they are the only ones with commitments. 

The ones that are the most clueless are always the ones that offer the most unasked for advice. Those with knowledge are busy practicing instead of preaching. True knowledge allows them to perform the task instead of telling someone else how to do it in hopes of finding out if they are right or not.

My next self imposed deadline is the 15th. I hope to have a new book out in April. I am well on the way to polishing but anything could happen. Those are the thoughts that are being banished. I have planned it out, there are specific hours of the day for everything. Now to get the house to cooperate by doing little things like putting the laundry away, instead of staring at two baskets full of folded clothes while complaining there is nothing to wear.

OK work is calling, I have a book to complete and a living to earn. 

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