Monday, March 25, 2013


OK so the checklist does help, especially in the new format. I could actually see what was accomplished last week.

By Wednesday I had finished up the videos and reading for the first week of class and managed to get 9 out of 10 on the first quiz. The only thing I had not accomplished were the journal entries for the project. Those require a bit more time, and are achieved from news stories. Long story, boring but I'll get it done.

Wednesday also say the completion of my child's four days of homework and a visit to private speech. She did awesome, learned a new game (dots) by observation only. She was not given the rules first on purpose because she is so visual.

Report cards and progress reports for the IEP came out on Wednesday. That baby had 2's on the IEP report; the actual report card showed her at or above grade level in all but one skill area. Story retelling which is trademark of her diagnosis. No worries about first grade, yet. We might have some once she gets there.

The week also found my laundry slowing getting caught up. Put away where it's supposed to be and my whites attempting to turn white again. It also found my child's long lost bedroom floor. This was my happiest moment, now to get the rest of the abundance of clothes that no longer fit her out of it to make room for the ones that do.

I managed to pull each one of my WIPs out of the folders and at least outline them, again. I even wrote content for some, while noting things that would fix gaps in the story lines.

Well, lots to do and little time so I'll be going. That list isn't going to dwindle itself.

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