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G is for Gratitude

G is for Gratitude, something that we should show daily for all the things that we have.

All too often we get wrapped up in the disappointments that life hands us and forget to be grateful for what we have. We also forget that there are those less fortune than we are, until it ends up in our faces.

The holiday season brings charity and poverty to the forefront. It is then that we begin to say thank goodness for the fact that it is not us. It is then that we dig into our wallets instead of our hearts in order to ease the momentary guilt that we feel for not being among the unfortunate masses. It is actually a shame that we need guilt to make us give.

Gratitude for not being homeless, or hungry is not enough. We forget to be thankful for family and friends that ground us, and lift us up from the lows of life. It is something that we should do daily but showing gratitude appears to be more difficult than showing resentment for those that have more than we do. There are those that believe the ones with the most should give the most, yet it is those that have the least that often give without thinking about the consequences to themselves or their well-being.

Have you remembered to be grateful today? Do you show gratitude to those that give their all to you? Are you showing gratitude for the struggles and the triumphs in this life? Do you remember to be thankful for the little things? Gratitude keeps you young, resentment can suck the life from you.

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