Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Illusions

I is for Illusions. Good or bad they are everywhere. There are some we live with daily without realizing they are actually illusions.

The illusion of safety simply because the doors are locked at night, and we see less evil in the light of day. It is something that we strive to make a reality. The illusion that we have a happy home simply because we have not signed divorce papers. Yelling and screaming behind closed doors, then putting on a happy face for the public creates the illusion to the outside world that we are standing strong as a couple in the face of adversity.

A few moments of clarity that allow a child to make complete comprehensible sentences gives the illusion that they do not have any difficulties in the area of speech. It is not until the child begins to speak in broken sentences with the tone of a baby that someone begins to question the ability of the child. The illusion that the child is not handicapped has been broken. Those that live with the child while striving to have them fully functional on their own by the time they are left without the primary caregivers live daily with the illusion of having a baby in the home long after the infant stage has passed.

The illusion that a handicapped child is completely accepted by the outside world is only created when the child is kept at home with those that do accept them  unconditionally. Exposing the child to the world with all its judgments, misconceptions and preconceived notions of what handicapped children can do requires teaching them that the world can be cruel.

A handicapped child in a regular classroom setting with children that adore them can create the illusion that strangers will always become friends. Friends that will bend over backwards in order to make sure they are safe, and have things done for them to help them through life.

Where the illusions end and reality begins is often a cold, lonely place, with a little luck in time the illusions will be the reality. There will be no need to have illusions shattered to make room for harsh realities.

Have your illusions been shattered or do you still have the comfort they provide?

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