Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Silence

S is for Silence, sometimes golden, other times deafening. Which one depends on the situation. 

Nearly three years I waited for my youngest daughter to talk. I mean I waited over two and a half to hear her first words which only echos of things she had heard on commercials. Tantrums had been a way of life in the months prior. There is a name for the parrot like banter she engaged in, echolica. 

She would repeat the same word or phrase repeatedly. It was often frustrating when it came to getting her to the phase of spontaneous speech which would take a while. Long story short, she now has spontaneous speech. The screaming fits lessened when speech began to develop. The silence from the ear piercing screams, golden.

The nights of the screaming all night, sleeping for two hours at a time are long past. The silence of your child sleeping through the night for the first time is golden. When you wait years for your child to say their first words the silence is deafening. Once they develop the speech it can be as deafening as the silence as well. 

Children are supposed to develop speech naturally but there are those who do not for various reasons. Finally hearing the word "mommy" is one of the most exciting things that can happen after you wait years to hear it. 

The silence when you are working on something that requires a great deal of concentration; that is golden. It is even more golden when the ones that were making the noise are grown and should have understand the meaning of concentration. Children falling asleep from exhaustion of playing all day right when you need to get something done, golden.

Are enjoying a golden silence or running from a deafening silence?

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