Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Winter

W is for Winter. I am not a fan of the cold but it does allow time to reflect. That time can be spent on the couch cuddled with a good book, writing in a journal or watching a movie.
Temperatures drop below freezing, for some snow covers the ground. There are those that delight in the building of snowmen and making of snow angels. The only snow I care to see is on the top of distant mountain tops, in pictures. I am not a fan of snow. I am a fan of the warm days that allow for basking in the suns rays, as long as those rays are not too hot.

Cuddling up under a pile of blankets and sleeping is an appealing option as the temperatures drop, especially when you opt to turn the heat down at night. Sometimes it's easier to sleep in a chilly room than a stuffy room. While getting sick in winter is more likely than in the summer as a result of the dropping temperatures, and children in school sharing germs it is natural to want to be cuddled up and doing nothing during these months.

The cold causes up to bundle up until we cannot move, we bundle our children until they cannot move. The fighting of germs begins, little hands touch everything and they often forget to wash their hands before they touch you. I do not like winter. I like a chill in the air at night. I like wrapping up in blankets, but the freezing temperatures I could do without.

Do you dread winter? Do you use the time inside to catch up on the things you neglected while playing in the sun? Do prefer a fireplace or central heat?

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