Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zookeeper

Z is for Zookeeper. That is how I feel most days.

Working from home, managing an autistic child's schedule, doing the majority of the shopping and all the budgeting makes it a three ring circus around here.

Animals in the zoo are in cages, and habitat enclosures but in my house they run free. Keeping up with what is supposed to be done when, who should be where and how much it cost gets overwhelming at times.

The cat and the dog have their own agendas most days. The cat wants to be the center of attention, asking for food off of your plate. The dog prefers to eat a dozen non-food items a day, jump in your lap and attempt to use the cat as his own personal chew toy most days.

My husband doesn't listen, instead he begins talking over you half way through the sentence and wonders why he missed something. I write it down for him, and hope he takes a minute to read it instead of assuming that he knows what it says.

The baby has her own drummer and in her world she reigns supreme. Her every demand is expected to be met without question.

Getting my autistic child's history together to ensure that all of her therapy, supplements, and latest educational interest together is a full time job in itself. Add online courses, a career and personal goals to the mix. I am the zookeeper. 

Are you the zookeeper in your world?

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