Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fork (150)

The day had been long, the night was going to be longer. Food was a luxury out in the woods, and today had not made an exception of this rule. If anything it had made it worse. The weather was unforgiving.

Bundled in only a windbreaker he had no idea how long he would be able to survive out here. The fire was smoldering making him glad he at least had some more wood to put on it. Food would be nice though. It would go nicely with the fork he had found in his pocket.

Where is he? Why does he have a fork in his pocket? Did he go for a hike unprepared or did he get caught in a storm?

This post was inspired by the Flash in The Pan Challenge over at the M3 blog. The limit was 150 words, this post comes in at 96 words.
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