Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time to Prepare for the Next School Year

School just ended and it's already time to begin preparing for the next one. Some of it has already begun.

That short kid does not get a full break. We work on skills year round. This summer since her attention span has increased, and she is better able to follow directions we are splitting the time. 

We have worksheets, focusing on her weakest areas so that they are in her mind all year long. I print them off the Internet. When I buy them I copy the pages for repeated use. The repetition aids in her learning. 

Recently while searching for a portable washing machine, I found that an inexpensive tablet is about the same price. It takes priority as she can use it to learn. My connection to the Internet is being altered to go truly wireless so that she can use it with her online learning sites. It is going to be a surprise for her. I have some Clifford books picked out for her birthday that I hope to have shipped at the same time.

I will be using table time, outside time and trips around town through the summer to keep her on her toes.

Well, it's time to go so I'll see you all later. Meantime rest well. How soon do you prepare for the next school year?

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