Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ignorance is Everywhere

 Ignorance was abundant today. The little girl in front of the cake? That's my baby, affectionately known at "the short kid" and she has autism with tendencies of hyperactivity and obsessive compulsive disorder. It's been approximately three and a half years since her diagnosis. 
She wasn't happy with getting her hands messy

Those years have been filled with therapy, meltdowns and amazing moments. The picture with the cake? Her first birthday, the only clue something wasn't right then? A few delayed milestones such as a complete lack of speech. 

It would be another year before the sounds came. Then it was neither "mommy" nor "daddy" that we heard. It was short phrases from commercials. Three years of speech later she can only communicate effectively in a familiar environment. No that is not the fault of the therapist, that is the fault of autism providing my child with an inability to generalize. 

I hate it for that fact. I also hate the ignorance that surrounds the disorder. More importantly I hate the lack of education for the disorder. 
Signs of Imagination
She seems unaware that she is not exactly like other children her age, at times I can forget even with the fact that she need looking after much like a child of less than one year. It is only when the ignorance that people possess flies out of their mouths that I once again become pissed off about everything. 

If it weren't for her autism I may never have noticed that we were living in a world full of idiots. Children (teenagers) today have about as much sense as a rock, actually rocks have more. 

Do yourself a favor, educate yourself about disabilities. Raise your children not to be idiots. You'll regret it if you don't.
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