Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Almost Time for the Tax Free Weekend

It is almost time for the tax free weekend just over three weeks to be exact. It is the first weekend of August. That is when I will be going to get the remainder of school supplies and school uniforms. 

The school uniform part is the one I dread the most. We only need bottoms right now though, the shirts I can find easily during the year is the kid grows out of them. The change in dress code means the shirts can be any color. The pants have to be navy blue or khaki. 

Last year she was still able to wear her pre-K uniforms, a growth spurt during the year means I cannot do that again. I can get her a few dresses though, and she likes the jumpers which means she has to have some shorts to wear. 

I am budgeting $100 for the supplies and uniforms. Well maybe $150 to $200. She'll need new shoes for the school year too. I'm looking for sales, she has to have tennis shoes for P.E. She is in need of a new book bag. 

I am hoping to drop off her school supplies at the open house so that she can have a lighter bag to carry on the first day of school. She's going to need a new change purse for her ice cream money. $2.50 a week isn't a lot. I'm thinking of sending her lunch to school with her so that I know she's eating what's on her plate. 

I am not looking forward to having to get up early enough to make sure she has breakfast before she leaves. She will even eat breakfast when she gets to school. The bus runs early enough she is hungry again by the time she gets there.
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