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Flash Fiction: Travel

Food, clothing, pillows, blankets and weapons filled the boxes that were being loaded onto the bus. There appeared to be a lot but the group could only hope that it was enough. Each of them had packed their own personal items into backpacks they would keep with them at all times. The boxes were additional supplies that would be split among them.

Each of them had a purpose, the destination was unknown to them but they would travel continuously until the driver reached it. They only hoped it was not a suicide mission.

Why are they traveling somewhere with no idea where they are going? Why do they need weapons? Why would they think it was a suicide mission?

The word is travel, this post comes in at 93 of the 150 word limit. Visit M3 to find the official rules and word list for Finding the Path. Stop by the Redmund Productions Book Store, to pick up the 1st edition ebook for free.

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