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Flash in the Pan: Go

Vines were wrapping themselves around the house it had been neglected so long. The jungle-like appearance amazed the crew, clearing the yard was the easy part though. They already knew that the structure was beyond repair, rotting wood was visible through the tangled mess.

Tattered toys, cans, tree limbs and boards were all found in the jungle vines. There was nothing salvageable outside, but the crew risked entering the dilapidated home as soon the entrance was clear. Inside was no resemblance to the exterior, everything was pristine.

Who would go through so much trouble to keep the inside so immaculate while letting everything else fall to the waste side? The answer did not take long to find, a  pile of human remains lay between the crisp linens on the king sized bed, in one of the rooms.

Why is the inside of the house immaculate while the outside is falling apart? Are the remains of the only occupant? Were there others? Where did they go? What will happen to the furnishings?

The word is Go, this post comes in at 137 of the 150 word limit. Visit M3 for the wordlist and official rules.

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