Monday, August 5, 2013

Flash in the Pan: Up

“Click on the fruit, clear the board and go to bed.”

What was it about this silly game that had him obsessing over it? It was designed for children. He  should have beat it weeks ago. How was it that he could not manage to get up to the next level?

“Are you still playing that game? You’re going to turn into a zombie.”

“I have to beat it, I just have to. It’s going to haunt me forever if I don’t.”

She rolled her eyes and left him to his game, by the time he got up she’d be gone. She wondered how many days it’d take him to notice.

Why is he obsessed with the game? Is she leaving because of it or is it just an excuse? Who is she? Who is he? Are they in a relationship or related?

The word is up, this post comes in at 111 of the 150 word limit. Go to M3 for the official rules. Thank you for sharing this post with the hashtags #flashfiction #flashinthepan and #findingthepath.

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