Saturday, September 7, 2013

All Things Being Unequal

I would be on a rampage to find a washing machine that meets all of my requirements. That’ll be difficult but I am buying a new one if it kills me.

Six months of having a torn up machine resulted in a new switch and a new capacitor just to discover that the problem is neither of those. So approximately $14.42 later I am putting my foot down and shaking the house. I am getting a new machine.

A service call would be $80. I don’t think so. The machine has been in use for seven years, or is it eight? It was used when I got it. Forgive me but it’s not worth another $80 to me for someone to look at it.

So let’s see. The machine has to be cheap, new, large enough to meet my enormous laundry needs and light enough I can move it including loading it into a vehicle on my own. I believe I may be in dreamland.

All things being unequal I suppose I can buy a tiny machine to get buy and take the larger items to the Laundromat. They didn’t’ actually fit in the machine I have anyway so it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. The sheets would fit so that’s a plus; it’s hot here more than cold.

So now I am on a rampage to find the washing machine of my dreams, and hope that I am not the one suffering while I reduce everything else to make room in the budget to go buy it. I have a thing against payments, so I buy things outright which would hurt my wallet a great deal the month I buy them in. I’d rather have the instant pain in the wallet than feel it for months.

Are you trying to get your ideal and thinking it’s impossible?

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