Monday, September 16, 2013

Working Sick Does Not Make Me Happy

I do not like working when I am sick, it makes me irritable. It makes me more irritable when I am so sick I cannot function to put together a coherent thought and people ask for insane amounts of work to be done. I mean insane for a capable person.

The fourth time I have to repeat that I am sick and they ask me to speed it up I am wondering why running over them is illegal.

Today I will be working and attempting to read through class materials to take the quiz before the due date. I will also be checking around and bidding on different things.

My schedule will be printed as soon as I move my printer onto the table that is now doubling for my desk, or simple take the time to move my desk all together. I have no idea where to put the table though. I thought about in the kitchen but the baby does crafts on it.

Well, there is no point to this post, so I’ll let you go about your day.

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