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D is for Death

D is for Death. We all face it, the only certainty in this life is death.

While in our youth we would like to pretend that we are immortal, we are not. There is a day that will come when we have no choice but to leave this world. Death is something that we learn about and experience long before we go through it, most of the time.

Pets, loved ones, grandparents, friends, parents, siblings and for some their own children. It is unnatural for parents to bury children.

Dealing with death is done in an individuals own way. There is never a good time for death, if it were convenient it could be scheduled, and we could choose our mode of death. It is possible most of us would choose to go quietly in our sleep after having fulfilled all of the items on our bucket list. 

Are you living without regrets?


Grammy said…
Hi, your post reminds me of " Soylent Green" . Have you seen that movie? It was a good one, and very thought provoking. As for death, yes, I know I will be facing it soon. I will be 80 next month, God willing, and am enjoying every day of my life. I am ready to go when He calls me, however He calls me. Probably my heart will give out. God bless you for warning people. Best regards to you. Come and see me..You might enjoy my blog, as well. Ruby
Unknown said…
I've never seen it, I'll have to look it up. I'll stop by and see what you've got going on.
Anonymous said…
What if death wasn't really what you think it is? If that were possible, and there is no reason it cannot, then everything you thought was true, wouldn't be. What would be left? What thought would replace death?
miss uncertain said…
I know someone who puts makeup on before going to bed. I asked her why. And then she said, "So I'd be able to look pretty if I die in my sleep."
Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Sincerely,Miss Uncertain---sidetracked
Unknown said…
I suppose you're right, what would replace death would be a different post entirely. That could take some time.
Unknown said…
I know someone that never takes their makeup off at all. I don't understand how it stays done all night, I mean do they not move at all while they sleep? I enjoyed your blog!:)

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