Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flash Fiction: Delusional

The fact she missed him was not one she could deny no matter how hard she tried; he saw it in her face. He smiled at the thought, he had never known anyone like her. He managed to reassure her during the weakest moments without her ever realizing she needed the reassurance.

Distancing herself from him was what she had to do. He had the power to make her delusional enough to believe in the good in people once again.

What’s wrong with seeing the good in people? If he makes her so happy why is running from him?

The word is delusional and this post comes in at 80 of the 100 word limit for this quarters flash in the pan Disturbed theme. Visit M3 for more information and the official rules. Thank you for sharing this post with the hashtags #flashfiction and #flashinthepan.
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