Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Changes in Routines

There have been a lot of changes to my routine lately and slowly but surely we are adjusting. The mornings start without conflict, and we manage to get out to the school bus in time for her to get excited that it's going to be here soon.

Mornings no longer begin with hitting the snooze button for half an hour while something plays in the background waiting for the show I want to watch before I get her up to come on. There are no more dogs under my feet (this I miss) and no more overgrown toddlers interfering with the peacefulness before I get her out of bed. Now we have a morning bath first to help her relax before she leaves for school.

This shorter day thing is starting to sink in and I'm getting a tad better about getting what I'm supposed to do done. It is a strange new concept not to have to go anywhere after school these days, and all of our appointments are during the school day which makes it strange to me. I am slowly getting used to her missing school on a regularly scheduled in advance kind of way. 

Well, I'm going to be going now it's making tired to think this much.
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