Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

The week has been an interesting one. I managed to go through the steps to get shorty on a waiting list for therapy services. Twenty-five hours a week of ABA services, the list is a one year wait and the PDD waiver covers three years. That's a total of four years, we just have to find out what her number is on the waiting list.

There was only one appointment for the kid, and two days of missed school from illness. She went back to school Thursday rather excited to be there. An appointment was set for Monday to have a meeting at the school. This will be interesting.

 I even went over the decisions I had made and am continuing to make. Some were easier to take than others but that's life. A lot of things are ending but a hell of a lot more are beginning. That's a good thing.

Hope your weekend is a restful one.

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