Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flash Fiction: Demented

She had deleted nine voicemails only to find five the more the next day. The intent was clear in his voice, he was trying to make her crazy. Too late. Though the PTSD and worsening of her panic disorder during the marriage would make her case an easy one when it came time to stand before the judge. He had to be demented to think that she would go back; decades of abuse made her well aware of how the cycle typically ended. So far she was a living statistic, and she would keep it that way. A few hundred miles between them ensured that he would never lay a hand on her again.

Why does she bother to check her voicemail anymore? After decades of abuse how had she fallen into the cycle yet again? How has she managed to stay alive? Is there ever enough distance between abuser and victim?

The word is demented and this post comes in at 114 of the 150 word limit. Vist M3 for details about Flash in the Pan.
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