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Still Here

I have not fallen off the Earth; I have merely been resting, sort of. Writing is now a hobby that has the potential to earn additional funds. I am enjoying the fact that I can now avoid the stress of short deadlines and write what I want to.

The kid is adjusting to medication for irritability and some days I wonder if it is worth it. I'm not sure whether it is or not yet since it makes her so tired.

I'm adjusting to this whole get up and get dressed to leave for work thing. It's a bit of a strange feeling after working at home for so long but I do believe it's better for my stress since I still see the kid without need of daycare since she is in school all day.

Now to figure out what to do when her waiver finally comes through.Well, I have to run finish getting ready so I'll be back later hopefully with flashes for the new quarter of Flash in the Pan.
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