Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flash Fiction: Football

The football stadium was at full capacity with three hours left until show time. Excited screams could be heard for blocks making her wonder what all the commotion was and why she seemed to be the only one left in town. It would be a great time to find a vantage point for hitting her target.

The explosion left a gaping hole where the stadium once stood. She smirked thinking that this had been the easiest assignment of her career. She was sure that she had gotten her target and a few thousand others without lifting a finger.

Why is the stadium packed? Does it matter that thousands of people were in the explosion? Why was she on a mission? Who is she?

This post comes in at 98 of the 150 word limit set by M3 for “Boys and Their Toys” which is the latest addition to the Flash in the Pan series.
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