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B is for Balance

Life is one of the wildest rides that you will ever take and finding balance is something can take decades to do. That place where highs and the lows can collide without a catastrophe resulting. There are none of the irrational choices that lead to things such as staying in an abusive relationship or bouncing a felonies worth of checks.

Balance makes life peaceful, there is no need to struggle or stress out over minor things. Income, expenses, health and all the small things that make life appear to be to much to handle alone at times all come together to make the days seem a little brighter when you have balance.

Ridding yourself of the things that are weighing you down can make life better almost instantly. It is the feeling of freedom that comes with knowing you have gained, or regained control of life that make finding the point where you are happiest easier than you could have ever imagined.

It is when balance is achieved that the weight you felt on your head beings to get lighter. Yes, the weight on your head. You know the one that causes the feelings of suffocation and exhaustion. They begin to go away when you begin to find balance.

B is for Balance because I've found that it is as essential to life as the air that we breathe.  

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Until next time, never listen to the voice that says you can't. Find the voice that says Fuck it I'm doing it.

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