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G is for Gifts

G is for Gifts because in the months that have passed since I left my husband I have received a lot of them in one form or the other. The source was often a surprise and the gifts always had perfect timing. My little girl has been on the receiving end of most of them and her face lit up with each one.

The most recent was a pillowcase with Snow White and Prince Charming on it from a little white haired lady that had never even laid eyes on her. It was a shock when the doorbell rang and she asked me if I was the one with the little girl. I had seen her walking her dog before and spoke to her briefly but someone else told her I had a small child.

Turns out that she makes things for the kids at the children's hospital and she enjoys it. She asked nothing in return and only stayed long enough to drop off her gift. It was just a little something that she thought a child might enjoy. It was an act of kindness that made both of our days a little bit brighter.

These acts of kindness in the form of tiny gifts have appeared more than once since September. We were picked up to get to our destination and provided with our basic needs while we recovered from the shock. During that time we received a strange feeling; caring. It was odd at first but after awhile we got used to it.

There were clothes (I had neglected to get a significant amount) and there were toys for the baby. We were blessed enough to make it through Christmas without an incident.

I have to say the past six months or so have actually been rather good to the two of us as we start over. I must say so far we appear to be on the right track.  

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