Thursday, May 1, 2014

Facing a New Month

April saw Odds and Ends participating in the A to Z challenge. I neglected to see where I was before I began so I cannot post results of the challenge as far as statistics go. So this post is about the updates that didn't get posted as a result of the challenge and what the plans are for this month.

Easter was the start of a new tradition. Shopping with the kiddo so that she can decide what she wants the most for the holiday. We spent the weekend having mother and daughter adventures; among them a trip to the store and doing a bit of laundry. She enjoys the walk and watching the front load machine finish its cycle.

I saw some things that I plan to furnish the apartment with, but they will be bought over time in small segments. I purchased a pair of pliers and a small set of wrenches so that I have them for emergencies.

Thanks to a comment on Q is for Quarters I attempting to put the non-bill portion of the budget into envelops to see if I can actually stick to only spending what is in the envelop. I am looking forward to the month ahead, and settling into a new, old routine.

The month ahead is full of promise, and I am settled in enough to begin finishing all the things that I have to do to make sure that our daily needs are met even in the event of an emergency.

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