Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

You will notice that instead of "Wordless Wednesday" I am doing a wordy Wednesday. I have a lot to say. There have been so many changes in recent months that I can't keep up with all of them. Moves, friends and socialization.

I missed church Saturday and Sunday. I'll be going tonight, because I made a point to ask the sweet old lady next door to make sure that we were up and functional enough to attend services. She will keep her word and come make sure that we are ready to go.

The neighbors are nice enough, and except for a little bit of drama it is relatively quiet out here. I am thankful to be here even if Shorty is the only child living out here. She likes the attention that she is getting as the only child out here. She is so fond of one of my neighbor's mother that she runs out the door to find her at random times.

She is hyper at night especially as it nears bedtime and needs prompting to get up at six in order to be ready for school. She makes me nervous bouncing off the couch, and my nerves are worse just before she falls asleep.

Well, I lost my train of thought somewhere so for my sanity's sake I'm going to close now. A nap sounds like a good idea.
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