Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's Muse

This does not yet have a title; instead all it has it a rambling that will not be silenced. I am not sure that it is ready for the world but it will not stop chirping away so I must let it be seen. Ready or not.

My life is far from a dream,
fairy tales are not what they may seem.
The prince has a 2x4 instead of a smile,
across my head, fleeing tears in my heart.

I am not alone, yet I am scared. 
Loving a man that is not obtainable, 
wishing my way to pain.
I do not want the time to be wasted,
I would rather be basted.

Anyway, I warned you it was not for the world to see yet. It is what flowed from my fingertips and would not be silenced.

Do you ever have to get something onto paper before it escapes you all together?
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