Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday's Updates

My month has already been full and it hasn't even gotten started completely. Sit back and I'll fill you in on the not so glamorous details.
I have learned that friends are not always what they seem yet again. It's okay sometimes they are better than they seem. It is when you find yourself in need that you discover who is always there, barely there and never there.

I managed to sell my truck and purchase a number of things that we need in amounts large enough to last a few months. This means that I will not be spending that money in future months. Building the fund to replace my truck will be easier. 

I have decided to come up with a payment for my truck. The  budget is being reworked to include stocking up on certain items and
Reducing the Budget
eliminating other items. The budget is getting smaller for expenses in order to come up with a down payment and monthly payments.

The rent is going down next month. It is only going down a little bit but it is enough to allow wiggle room in my budget to save some a small amount of additional money each month. I will be putting the difference aside in order to aid with the adjustments to make monthly care payments.

I am looking to keep everything down as low as I can in the meantime. I learned some lessons during my stint in the TCH that I am putting into practice full swing right now in order to ensure that I have everything I need taken care of in time. 

My medication is being reevaluated this week, and school starts back the middle of this month. I am attempting to get everything done in time with some success. School seems like it just let out, but it's already time to send her back. I'm not ready but I have to. I'm going to miss her during the day. 

She'll be glad that we're going places again once I get a new car. I can fit it into our budget without us doing without. It's going to be a bit of a challenge but I can do it. 

Have you ever discovered that things weren't what they seemed? What did you do? Are you ready for your babies to return to school? What luxury would you do without to meet your basic needs?

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