Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

It is Wednesday yet again, and while everyone else is wordless I am wordy. Let's chat.

It has come to my attention that while I notice things not everyone else does. There are those that refuse to let their children grow up wanting them to be as handicapped as they were. When a grown woman admits that her mother cleaned her room, and her father did her chores when she got in trouble right up until the day she got married it makes  you realize the she still needs them to do things for her even though they are dead and buried. 

When the one that complains that things are too much work is only sitting on the internet playing games and putting off things you notice quickly. The one that is criticizing everyone housekeeping has dog feces under the bathroom sink and hasn't had a dog in months; it negates the argument that they are clean enough to eat with. They are not.

The son that unintentionally fixed it so his mother could move in with him anytime that she wanted to. The grown man that claims he wants to be an adult but will not confront the over bearing parent. The wife that claims she does not care for her husband but calls to confront his mistress. 

It is obvious that this woman is afraid that one day she will have to work to support herself; she used her children's disabilities as an excuse not to work long after they were in school full time. It is pathetic that she is afraid that her children will have lives. The fact her married child is not attached to her hip annoys her, and she denies the fact her son is a grown man. 

The only victims in this are the grown children that cannot come up with the courage to force her to respect them.

Would you risk hurting someone's feelings to have them respect the fact that you are grown?
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