Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Love Letter

I am alone, though not without the occasional company so to speak. I am not seeking a relationship, I am merely going with the flow. However in a world where pen and paper are rare I have decided to make at least one post that is a love letter. It is not to anyone specifically, just something that has been running through my mind and I decided to put onto the screen for all to enjoy.

My darling,

I dream of the day that you walk into my life and sweep me off my feet. I know you have a challenging road ahead, and you are going to be dynamic to get to me to agree to be with you.

You will know me inside and out, every thought, wish and whim you will be glad to indulge in with me. I am not saying you will be perfect but you will close enough for me. 

Until that day I will patiently or not so patiently wade through the morons out there. 

Love always,

Until next time I hope your love still sends you love letters. No I am not looking just bored and think that love letters should be revived.
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