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Saturday Evening Post

The weather this week requires something hot and strong to cope with. Sit back, grab a blanket and a hot drink. The wind is like ice.

This week was one of realizations, and once again among them is that we can take care of ourselves. I may be in a strange place surrounded by virtual strangers but I can take care of us. We are just outside of town in a small apartment complex. The apartment is one bedroom.

We manage nicely, and I gave the kid the bedroom while I took the couch. (Soon I will be getting her a smaller bed, and getting myself one that doubles as a couch instead of being the couch.)

We began the practice of walking to the store instead of having someone drive us. Our feet are far more reliable than those we would take us; it is better if we do it on our own. 

The weather is not looking as if it will permit another walk to the store as I had hoped. We were supposed to go today to allow the baby to get out the house but I am afraid that we cannot bundle up enough to make the trip. 

I learned that even with a car (it is less stressful not to have one since I do not drive most days because of nerves) that we can get exactly where we need to go. It is making me consider looking for a place in town so that the stores and school are closer to us. I can walk to more stores if we move into town, and possibly walk her to the park.

We order things for delivery as much as we can to ensure that we do not run out of vital things. It helps to ensure that we are not toting as much on our walks as well.

I intend to lose fifty pounds this year, and these walks while enjoyable for both of us will help me achieve that goal.

Doctor's Visit

I went to the doctor yesterday. When I left I got an antibiotic because my sinuses were draining into my lungs. I will go back next week to get the results of the routine tests that they ran. 

Unless the weather warms drastically, I will be waiting until I am well to take another walk to the store.

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