Friday, February 6, 2015

Dear Tax Refund

I so enjoyed seeing you make my bank balance increase, but I wanted to cry when you left me high and dry being used to take care of expenses.

I did so enjoy the years when you were furnishing my home to prevent me from going into debt. I am grateful for the year that you paid the bills while times were tough. I have figured up my average expenses through the years and realized there were years that I could have lived entirely off of you and saved what I earned. Though the temptation would have been to take that entire year off.

That might not have been a good idea because when you ran out I would have been in a world of hurt. When I think back over your amounts through the years in theory had I been alone I could have saved you in your entirety and paid off a house of relatively low cost by today's standards.

Savings you until I reached the age of retirement would give me a nice nest egg to fall back on and hopefully leave something behind for my children.

You were small this year compared to previous years though still larger than some years. This year you serve a purpose, you are purchasing my freedom from those that require legal documents to end things that never should have been.

I look forward to seeing you again some time. Hopefully the next time I see you I can save you for my retirement. 

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