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Christmas Planning in June

You read it right. We are planning for Christmas in June because of the Christmas in July themes that are just around the corner. It is easier to get into the holiday when the pressure of the holiday is not present for us. There will be holiday movies to watch with her, a few decorations to put up and a feeling of good cheer. 

We are well aware that the holiday itself is in December. There are ornaments to make and gifts to make. We are having an old fashioned Christmas this year complete with theme provided everything goes the way that I hope it will. 

I am thinking of a frontier themed Christmas. There are a couple of things missing like a wood burning stove and fireplace but we'll figure it out. There will be some homemade ornaments. One of the few things that I miss is having the decorations Shorty made in school as the only things on the tree.

There are some supplies we are going to need. Shorty does not want to stay inside to do crafts during the summer, she would rather go outside and play with her toys. We will require outside crafts, such as things involving leaves and twigs for her to create during the summer months. Messy things such as painting can be part of her summer agenda. 

Christmas in July is merely prep work for December. Until next time I hope you enjoy oddly scheduled holidays as well.
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