Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The summer has just started and I am exhausted for no reason. We are sleeping well and haven't done a lot as far as outings but I am still tired. I don't want to do anything with the heat, and Shorty is only going out to play in the afternoons.

We will be buying a car as soon as we can to eliminate the need to ask neighbors to take us places. It is less expensive to pay the auto payment,  insurance, gas and maintenance than to rely on someone else just to end up going more places than I prepared the baby for.

My income has to go back up, and my expenses have to go back down in order to afford the payments and insurance. Then there is the cost of maintenance and gasoline to keep the vehicle on the road.

I'm tired of having to wait for people, weather and other things to get what I need. This is ridiculous.
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