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Not That Attached to the Furniture

It has recently occurred to me that I am not that attached to the furniture in this house. I am trying to move but that is difficult without a way to haul the furniture. That is why I do believe that only Theresa's things will be moved at this point along with a few choice electronics that are small enough to fit in the car. My Rodeo will be going to the junk dealer.

The goal is to be moved by the end of summer which is not an unreasonable goal. I am going through clothes first to get rid of all that does not have to be moved. Anything that is old and worn out beyond repair is getting tossed into the trash or the recycling bin depending on what it is. My couch for instance is worn out but the futon mattress that is on it is not. The bed in my bedroom is worn out, the baby's crib mattress and single bed in her room are not. Those are moving, provided I can borrow a van to haul them in.

The kid's toys are going to have to be gone through as they are packed up hopefully into the storage containers that serve as toy boxes to them in order to get out the ones that she does not play with anymore. The clothes that she has outgrown I have someone to give them to. There are odds and ends that I have gotten over the years just collecting dust. I have started collections over and over again that collect dust.

I have tons of DVDs, VHS tapes, and CDs that I need to sort through. I'm not even sure that all of them work anymore. My small bookshelf is overflowing with books that I have already read and books that are waiting patiently to be read. I feel a bit guilty about that now that I have the Kindle Application on my computer both on the desktop and on the cloud. The baby has books galore some of which are still all in one piece. Little hands do strange things to books. I have old magazines which I intend to shred the pages of to create packaging. Some of the magazines are not readily recyclable as a result of the glossy covers but I can fix that by using them to make soil. I just need some worms. I have to sort and pack what we will not use to give away.

The Washer and Dryer are a different story. I need those but I can get by without them. I can take the towels to the laundromat and hand wash the rest. One less thing to move, one less trip. The stove and the fridge well most places come with those and they are heavy to move. So that is four items that will be hauled off to the recycling center. That's the only way I know to get them moved and have the money to help pay for gas for someone to assist with the hauling of larger items.

I have a feeling that when I take a closer look there are more things here that can go with those appliances provided I find someone with a truck to haul them. I'm wondering if they can't all be taken with my Rodeo.
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